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Elima-Drip Pad - Drip Containment Pad

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The Grab Bag - Pinch - Orange Geotextile

Pollution Solution, Inc. (PSI) is a privately owned corporation that developed its roots in the commercial and residential construction industry.

PSI's mission is to provide effective and affordable storm drain filtration/sediment control solutions. PSI's products are proven and accepted by many municipalities and private sector markets. Our products are designed to meet Erosion Control/SWPPP requirements while providing affordable and effective tools for site management.

Our production facilities are located in the heart of California, a benchmark state for many of the nations standards. As the storm water filtration and protection industry grows, we continue to provide flexible solutions based on sound research and testing. We follow all developments in Federal, State and local legislation's and work hard to integrate environmental concerns.

Bulk Bags / Super Sacks

Bulk Bags or Super Sacks are a versatile and practical way of moving assorted aggregates by volume. With a Safe Working Load (SWL) of up to 3,000 pounds, Bulk Bags / Super Sacks are an alternative to palletized gravel or sand bags when raw materials are desired or specialized stabilization is needed.

Filled Bulk Bags / Super Sacks are available with 3 standard fills:

• Pea Gravel

• 3/4" Crushed Rock

• Sand