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The Grab Bag - Pinch - Orange Geotextile

D-Watering Bag

Quick Look

• Material                       8 oz. non-woven geotextile

• Strapping                    Weather resistant 2" polypropylene webbing

Spec Sheet

The D-Watering Bag is an effective device for separating sediment from pumped water. Made from heavyweight, non woven geotextile fabric, the D-Watering Bag filters water diluted by soils and sediment with ease. The input sleeve is designed to accommodate several hose diameters. Securing the D-Watering Bag to the hose is quick and easy with heavy duty webbing and d-rings sewn to the sleeve. To maintain uniform integrity, each D-Watering Bag is sewn with a 4 thread lockstitch hem with an additional perimeter lockstitch using high strength, marine-rated poly thread.

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5 Sizes Available

3'x4' • 4'x6' • 6'x9'

10'x10' • 10'x15'